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Shoppe 5101 is located in the heart of the hair capital of Minnesota -- Edina. It's a full-service salon that is operated by independent contractors. With over 30 years of experience providing professional hair care service, Brenda Wodnick and Mary Kriva worked at this location had the opportunity to purchase this well-established salon. From there, a partnership emerged from two similar ideals and beliefs that Shoppe 5101 Salon & Spa could be transformed into an environment that will enhance each stylist’s independent contracting experience by promoting a true team atmosphere. A foundation of consistent vision, love of hair care, and fair leadership are used to guide the interactions between one another that translate into an extraordinary service experience for our clientele. At Shoppe 5101 Salon & Spa, our highly educated team works together to create a fun, professional experience in a relaxed atmosphere with the client being at the heart of every interaction.





Alla Dubinskaya
Althea Walton
Brenda Wodnick
Gigi Ossanna
Gretchen Innes
Jen Lubow
Jim Macknick
Judy Hart

Judy Mjoness
Joseph Saavedra


Korbi Dupree
Luba Gilevich
Nelli Berkovsky


Kathy Telke
Mark Michelson
Mary Foley
Mary Kriva
Nelli Sivriver
Paula Forman
Sheila Flynn
Shelly Olson
Slavka Babcic


Zina Shirl

Christopher Sevig
Debbie Waterous
Maggie Manos
Noah Scherman
Pat Gustafso


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